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Why Buy HP Large Format Printing Materials?

Original HP printing materials are designed to provide image quality, durability, and consistency you can rely on. Reliable results enable increased productivity and reduced costs. Original HP large format printing materials are far more than just paper. It’s the chemistry, together with the carefully engineered interaction between HP large format printers and Original HP inks that makes exceptional results possible. Image quality and consistency so predictable, it’s almost cliché. Print permanence that’s measured in generations, not months or years. Breakthrough innovations that give you real alternatives to traditional materials that, by nature, must trade-off quality, durability, even environmental considerations. The unique chemistry between HP large format printing materials, HP large format printers and Original HP inks changes all that—among the broad array of materials offered in the HP large format printing materials portfolio, you can have it all.

The Complete Solution

Original HP large format printing materials make use of advanced HP-engineered coatings to take the guesswork out of producing high-quality, long-lasting prints. Designed together as a complete printing system, HP large format printers, Original HP inks, and HP printing materials deliver uncompromising image quality, consistency, performance, durability, and value—with every print

Print Responsibly

As you and your customers become increasingly concerned with the environmental impact of printing, look to HP for large format printing materials that reflect responsible sourcing practices and offer recycling options. FSC®- and PEFC™-certified papers support the development of responsible forest management worldwide and many products within the HP large format printing materials portfolio are recyclable through commonly available recycling programs.

Graphics & Technical Media

HP Sign and Display Printing Materials

Choose from a wide range of substrates available in the Original HP printing materials portfolio for sign and display applications. The portfolio includes both outdoor and indoor substrates and ranges from economical uncoated media to a selection of banner, self-adhesive, film, fabric, paper, and specialty options.

HP Graphics and Technical Printing Materials

HP offers a broad portfolio of printing materials specifically designed to meet the needs of graphics, photography, and technical professionals. All products deliver vivid, high-quality prints, and offer excellent price-to-performance ratios.

HP PageWide XL Printing Materials

The HP large format printing materials portfolio for HP PageWide printing includes recyclable and FSC®-certified papers, as well as media that deliver quick-dry, fade-resistant reliable prints. Because the paper moves and the printhead doesn’t, HP large format printing materials for HP PageWide Technology have been designed for the precise control of paper motion needed to achieve superb results.