E4J26A - HP Premium Satin Canvas - 762 mm x 22.9 m – Wide Format Media

E4J26A - HP Premium Satin Canvas - 762 mm x 22.9 m

E4J26A - HP Premium Satin Canvas - 762 mm x 22.9 m

E4J26A - HP Premium Satin Canvas - 762 mm x 22.9 m

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Product Description

Produce consistent, museum-quality prints
Capture the intricate details that truly reflect the aesthetic intent of the artist with HP Premium Satin Canvas. With its larger color gamut, fine art and photographic reproductions are accurate and consistent, ensuring happy customers and repeat business.

Make a lasting impression
Make sure your works of art withstand the test of time. HP Premium Satin Canvas and Original HP pigment inks produce long-lasting prints.

Maintain an easy, smooth workflow
To provide trouble-free printing, Original HP printing materials are designed together with HP Latex printers for consistency, performance, durability and value. Because it’s scratch- and crack-resistant, it’s easy to handle and moves quickly through post-print finishing, including stretching, coating and laminating.

Target customers Applications Benefits

Fine artists

Fine-art reproductions

More consistent base fabric reduces scrap

Professional photographers

Digital art originals

Brighter white surface, larger color gamut

Art reproduction houses

Landscape or portraiture photography

More vivid, even brighter images

Graphics-oriented print service providers

Smooth satin finish

REACH compliant1

Technical Specifications


381 g/m² per ISO 536 Test Method


462 microns/18.2 mil per ISO 20534 Test Method


95 +/- 3 % per TAPPI T425 Test Method


(>97 per ISO 11475 Test Method)



Operating temperature

20 to 55° C / 68 to 131° F

Operating humidity

5 to 60% RH

Dry time

5 to 8 minutes (@ 23°C, 50% RH)

Shelf life

2 years, unopened in original packaging

Storage temperature

20 to 45° C / 68 to 113° F

Storage humidity

5 to 85% RH

Country of origin

Product of the United States of America

Imperial Metric
Width 30 in 762 mm
Length 75 ft 22.8 m
Config 1 Roll 1 Roll
Printer DesignJet H35100
Printer Latex 3000
Printer DesignJet 10000s
Printer DesignJet H45100
Printer Scitex FB700
Printer DesignJet H45500
Printer Latex 260
Printer Latex 330/360/365
Printer Scitex LX800
Printer Scitex FB500
Printer Scitex FB950
Printer Latex 210
Printer Latex 310
Printer Scitex LX600
Printer Latex 850
Printer DesignJet 9000s
Printer DesignJet H35500
Printer Scitex FB910
Printer Latex 820
Printer DesignJet 8000s
Printer DesignJet L25500
Printer Latex 280
Product Group HP Premium Satin Canvas
Printer Latex 560/570
Printer Latex 370
Printer Latex 1500
Printer Latex 3100/3500
Weight (gsm) 381
Thickness (micron) 462
Thickness (mil) 18.2
Ink Compatibility Latex
Media Type Canvas
Printer Latex R2000
Printer Latex R2100
Printer Latex 375
Printer Latex 335
Printer Latex 315
Regional Availability AMS
Regional Availability EMEA
Regional Availability APAC

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